New Virus Update

We have come across a new virus called TeslaCrypt 3.

This is a new variant of the TeslaCrypt 2 and Kryptolocker virus that will encrypt all of a user’s files with an extremely strong encryption.  It then renames them to a new file extension such as .mp3.

Following this TeslaCrypt will start on some of the system files and finally hold the user to ransom, asking for a sum of money to have the files unlocked which they charge between £200 – £1000 which doubles after 30 days.

Please take caution with unknown or unexpected files:

• Do not download files from websites you do not trust

• Do not open attachments from people you don’t recognise or are not expecting

• If you do get an unexpected attachment from a trusted sender, contact them to check its safe.

Imagine someone knocks at your front door, if it’s a stranger, you are more than likely going to ask that person for ID before you let them in- treat your computer the same way.

If you think your PC or laptop has been affected or you require some further advice, please feel free to give our IT Support team a call on 01524 581 690 or email [email protected]

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