Our Techie’s Favourite Tech


This month it’s the turn of one of our youngest members of the team, Ben, who has been loving using Github Copilot!

Imagine having a magical coding sidekick that understands your every coding whim! This plugin/extension is like having a brilliant programming buddy who never gets tired of helping you out (almost feels like cheating… almost). It’s the perfect tool for both beginner and experienced programmers.

What can it do?

Instant Code Ideas: ever had a moment where you’re staring at a blank screen and have no idea where/how to start? Feel free to ask Copilot!

Simply add a comment with a simple function and Copilot does the rest of the work.

“// Function that converts Celsius to Fahrenheit” was commented by me, Copilot generated the code for a function known as convertCelsiusToFahrenheit below.

The best part of this is that Copilot can understand and interpret anything you ask (as long as its generally on the right lines). Github’s machine learning experts are constantly developing the AI model to better improve contextual learning. It won’t be able to “create a billion-dollar app” but it sure does help get you closer to that point!


This varies depending on use. Naturally starting free on their basic package for some individuals and progressing higher for entire teams and the required number of cool features.