With the world currently in lockdown, we’re all finding weird and wonderful new ways of completing tasks and communicating with loved ones – smart speakers such as ‘Amazon Alexa’ being one of them.

It’s true that smart speakers and home-hub-type devices are becoming more commonplace – and why wouldn’t they be? Once past the initial awkwardness some people feel speaking to a machine, the daily help they can bring is a fantastic resource – especially in times like these!

Quickly finding out the news and weather, setting voice reminders to switch off the oven, or even telling the kids to turn off the light and go to bed, so many things can be done all with a simple voice command.

Another great feature of ‘Alexa’ is ‘Drop In’ – this can allow a household with multiple devices in different rooms to speak to each other, instead of screaming up the stairs. As a result, this opens up a temporary two-way channel between the devices to chat – as though they were right next to you.

And even more useful in these times of social distancing, this same feature can link different households in the same way. When set up correctly, you can therefore ‘drop in’ on grandad, mum or dad to see if they need anything from the shop – or they can ‘drop in’ on the grandkids to simply say “hello” or share Alexa’s ‘joke of the day’.

We think this adds more authenticity to communication than via phone or a video call, as it feels similar to popping your head into another room and briefly chatting, before heading back out – just as you might to ask if someone fancies a brew!

The new Echo Show model also features a HD screen – making video calling relatives or watching videos super easy.

If you’re something of a technophobe, your tech-savvy relatives or friends should even be able set up these devices for you – from a laptop or tablet while parked outside on your drive (via your Wi-Fi) – meaning you just need to place the order, plug it in and turn it on for them when it arrives. Now that’s what we call remote support!

With all that in mind, we’re launching our latest COMPETITION around this smart tech, across all our social media channels.

For the chance to win an Echo Show, we’re asking our followers to simply like the competition post either on our Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram page, and tag the person they’d share their first video call with!

The winner will be announced on Friday 29th May – good luck!

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