Banish the smoke and mirrors: 21 questions to ask your IT supplier

If you’re new to outsourcing IT support, then there will undoubtedly be questions you’ll want to ask your new or prospective supplier. And even though we’re IT experts, we know how much of a mystery tech can be!

So, we’re here to give proper, no-nonsense answers to your questions, and shed a bit of a light on the areas of IT that you find a bit shady.

Firstly, let it be known that we hate jargon as much as you. We know some self-proclaimed IT gurus love to show off their superior knowledge by chatting away in tech-speak, but we prefer plain English.

And, as an SME ourselves, we know that investing in a new service is always done with a certain degree of caution and trepidation. We all want to know that what we’re paying for will benefit us immediately, and be worth it in the long run.

With all this said, deciding on the IT support model that’s right for your business needn’t be a daunting task. Simply knowing the right questions to ask a potential supplier, and having an idea of what their answers should be, will arm you with enough key information to help you make the best choice for your business.

That’s why we’ve put together our super-helpful, completely FREE guide to IT support models, containing 21 key questions to ask potential providers, and the answers the best ones will give.

The guide was written with SMEs in mind, and designed to be as extensive as possible. So, while the questions might not all be relevant to you, there will definitely be some on there that really resonate with the queries and concerns you have about IT support.

Knowing the right questions to ask will give you a real head-start in your IT supplier search, and being able to anticipate the answers you should be listening out for will put you even further ahead of the game.

All of this and no jargon might sound too good to be true, but you can rest assured there’s no trickery here – just straight-talking, insightful advice!

To find out more about IT support models and banish the smoke and mirrors surrounding which supplier to choose, download our expert guide.

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