Apple Release the Long Awaited iPhone7

Whether used for business or personal use, the iPhone is one of the most popular devices across the globe. Each upgrade sends the tech world into a spin as Apple enthusiasts fail to contain their excitement and Android devotees roll their eyes in unison. But is the latest upgrade worth getting excited about? And could this be the perfect model for your business purposes?

What’s New?

As with most upgrades over the years, the camera has improved, and if you opt for the 7Plus, you’ll be treated to two lenses, allowing for optical zoom for the first time.

On a more technical note, the processor upgrade means that the iPhone 7 is twice as powerful as the iPhone 6 as it is using Apple’s ‘A10 fusion’ chip. You’ll find that the new model has a better battery life, and operates at a faster rate.

What’s Missing?

The biggest controversy surrounding the release of the latest model is the lack of a headphone jack. A lot of people are pretty miffed at the exclusion of this key feature, however with a headphone jack adapter, you’ll be able to plug in your standard headphones just as with any other device.

What’s Good for Business?

If you’re wondering whether the iPhone7 will make a good choice for business, the first tick in the pro column must be the youth of the model. It’s brand new and right on point with advancing technological trends and hardware.

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It also makes a great choice for sales people as, for one thing, it looks great. It’s also a great advertisement to any clients or potential clients that will be able to see your commitment to the modern and advancing technology that encapsulate the upgraded device.

Another great advantage is the way in which your iPhone can interact with other Apple products, so if your office is kitted out in Apple paraphernalia, the iPhone 7 is just the latest addition to the family.

On the downside, having a slimmer, sleeker model requires the phone to be sealed meaning that DIY repairs are pretty much impossible. Apple are synonymous with long-lasting products, hence the heftier price tag, but if something does go wrong, you may find yourself looking for a new phone.

There are plenty of reasons to start using the iPhone7 for work as well as play, but with the iPhone 8 rumoured to appear on the market in 2017 with more radical changes and bigger and better features, it may well be worth holding off on making any commitments to the latest upgrade.

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