Prospects for Computer Science Graduates

Computer science, over the years, has become increasingly popular. In 2014, there were nearly 100,000 applicants at UK Universities for the subject, which was a 13% increase in application numbers compared to the previous year.

However, there are new surveys being conducted that say that even with the increasing amount of computer science applications, there are a considerable amount of unemployed computer science graduates. What does this mean exactly?

What Skills Do Computer Science Graduates Have?

Computer science graduates have a plethora of transferable skills that are useful in every environment. Some of these skills include:

  • Mathematical Skills – the ability to construct and manipulate models
  • Analytical and Research – the ability to research, analyse, collect, and use complex data
  • Problem Solving – the ability to solve complex problems by using mathematical or IT methods
  • Creativity – the ability to show creativity and be innovative when solving unknown problems

Is There a Tech Skills Shortage?

According to PricewaterhouseCooper’s recent survey known as the Global Digital IQ Survey(PDF), 78% of UK business leaders and IT executives said that a shortage of digital skills was holding their firm back.

This could be as a result of multiple things; the universities that are providing the degree schemes could have out of date information or a lack of practical assignments, or it could be that the businesses themselves are asking for too much from recent graduates.

What Does This Mean for The Future?

There is currently a lot of pressure being put on universities to try and reassess their curriculum for future graduates, however, this can be quite difficult, as it means that in order to learn about new technologies, something else has to be scrapped.

The UK government is also putting the pressure on firms to accept more apprentices and junior applicants by levying a tax that would enable large firms to fund more than three million new apprenticeships by 2020.

Even though some businesses are seeing computer science graduates as not having enough digital skills, we at Q2Q see the importance of transferable skills when it comes to learning through education and progression.

We understand the importance of putting the right people in the right jobs, which is why every member of our team is highly skilled and qualified to be a part of your IT department, giving you the IT solutions you are looking for. If you would like to know more, then please contact us today on 01524 581 690 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss any queries with you.

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