5 Most Common IT Issues in Businesses

Businesses increasingly rely on information technology, as that’s a crucial part of any company’s daily operations. Technology also helps you expand your business when used correctly, so it’s vital that it’s working properly all of the time. This is not what happens, however, as no matter whether you’re a small, medium or large business, problems with IT are almost inevitable – still, they should be avoided at all costs and, if that’s not possible, they should be solved to prevent more or worse issues from arising.

Backup and Recovery

The importance of adequate backup and recovery services is never clearer when you’ve accidentally deleted an important document or experience a power outage. Avoiding data loss even if your server crashes is vital for your business, so you need to have a good backup plan in place for when disasters do happen. A lot of companies, however, struggle with appropriate solutions that can help them reduce the downtime and the expenses that come from data loss.

Unreliable Connections

If your telephone line or broadband connections are not reliable, you may experience disruptions from time to time, or even on a regular basis, which only highlights the importance of trustworthy connections. After all, you’re losing money from every moment of downtime, and your customers might not even retain you on their payroll if your services are not consistent. Investing in a good service can ultimately lead to better business interactions.

Cloud Storage

A lot of businesses, no matter their size, lack the necessary resources for IT tasks, which means they need a better system for storing their information. Cloud storage can be the solution, as they allow you to outsource this data and, therefore, reduce the amount of space in your own network, which can then be used for something else.

Hardware and Software

The lifespan of your technology is an important aspect to consider when purchasing it, so that you and your employees are not taken by surprise when a computer or programme malfunctions or stops working. Depending on their use, your hardware and software technology might not last for as long as you think, or might experience issues with lagging, which won’t be of any help. In fact, it can even hinder your daily activities, so ensure that you can conduct your business operations with reliable technology at all times.


Security risks, such as viruses and the possibility of being hacked, are a real threat for many, if not all, businesses. With the increasing sophistication of these menaces, it’s imperative that your technology can not only keep up with it and remain up to date, but also stay one step ahead, so as to avoid new threats. Protecting your information is one of the most important tasks to consider, as you’re likely to store trade secrets, confidential data, HR records and so on.

There are a lot of problems common to most businesses when it comes to IT, which can be damaging to your company. Q2Q can provide the IT support you require to run your business smoothly, no matter the sector you’re in, so contact us or give us a call on 01524 581690 and we’ll discuss your current issues and how we can help.

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