3 things to consider when going to the Cloud

We all know that Cloud Migration is the new in thing, but not every business achieves incredible results from moving to it. Of course there are many benefits but there is a lot to do in your business to optimise you for a cloud migration. Perhaps most importantly is the mental prep, here are three mental shifts to consider before getting started.

Value over cost

At Q2Q we quite often work on this model anyway, value will often out-weigh costs. Too many business owners get hung up on costs when it comes to their IT, the infrastructureof your business. Think what impacts (including money saving) the cloud could have on your business.

The cloud is no different than any other growth generating investment. Value? The ability to work anytime, anywhere with easier collaboration.

Perhaps ask your employees, team members or current IT manager. You could be boosting all their productivity levels with a cloud migration.


Strategy should be a massive part of your IT infrastructure in your business. Where are you going and how will IT effect this or how will it affect IT? Before moving to the cloud, think about certain goals you want to accomplish, this could be encouraging adoption within employees or increasing the use of mobile devices. If you have a current IT manager they should have some ideas on this, of course we are always on hand to discuss too J

All in all, its good to plan out what you want to achieve from the migration with clearly defined goals.

Keep up with the flow…

The cloud is always evolving, so it’s best to keep up. Office 365 is a great example as they make it really easy to implement changes to your cloud services.

One important thing to remember is to have someone in charge of these updates, whether this is your outsourced IT company managing them or an in-house IT manager. They should be able to easily advise on which updates/upgrades are important to schedule in your business.

If you are ready to go ahead with a cloud solution like Office 365 and you need some advice, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and talk to one of experts, and keep in mind the long term benefits for your business.

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