Whats the best thing about working with Phil?

  • His specialised subject of ‘Formula One’ comes in super handy at any pub quiz.
  • The Bank of Phil! If Phil owes me any money for anything it’s retained as a balance in the Bank of Phil, then used for regular shopping items around Lancaster when I don’t have time to leave the office and he’s going out!
  • Phil can take over the responsibility and execution of a full office McDonalds order, nothing is forgotten about.
  • He is the office DJ, with an endless supply of tunes.
  • He always has snacks in his office tuck shop.
  • He is so customer focused, always stiving to provide the best possible service to the customer.
  • He’s just an all-round decent bloke.
  • Always willing to lend a hand.
  • His cheerful attitude.

Whats the worst thing about working with Phil?

  • The huge ruck sack (although this can also be a good thing). He carries everything for every possible scenario round with him.
  • Always brings in leftover home cooked food that smells incredible and makes us jealous.
  • Also, always up for a maccies – a very bad influence.
  • Some of his playlists can be a little dodgy!
  • He doesn’t make enough coffee.
  • Also the tuckshop, I can’t help buying crisps.
  • Rarely makes coffees!
  • His blooming recurring reminder on his computer!!

What is Phil the best at?

  • Presentation in the form of an email and pictures. He also knows a lot of big grown-up words.
  • Putting himself in the customers’ shoes and making sure they get the best experience.
  • Cooking Chilli con carne.
  • Explaining complex concepts and scenarios and making them accessible to non-technical users. 
  • Being the office DJ!
  • Helping out to the best of his ability all the time!
  • Interacting with people – he’s brilliant

What is your favourite memory of working with Phil? 

  • My favourite memory with Phil was the day he was very tired. Phil was ready to wrap up for the day and go home. As most people do, Phil leaves his keys and phone on his desk. Unfortunately, on this day they couldn’t be found, he looked everywhere. I jokingly said, I wonder if you had dropped them while getting out the car in the morning. We locked the office, wondered over to the car. That’s where we noticed the keys were still in the ignition of the car where Phil was earlier listening to his F1 podcast. A quick jumpstart was needed to get Phil on track again. (Apparently cars don’t have enough battery power to listen to F1 podcasts all day). Another lesson learnt.
  • London site visits, always a great laugh!
  • When we did Total Warrior.
  • When he spent ages looking for a screen connector on an all-in-one 😊
  • He was giving someone a new password containing the word ‘Rabbit’, his words were: ‘Rabbit with a capital W!’
  • When he made me my first coffee!

If you could change one thing about Phil, what would it be? 

  • Phil should reduce all prices at his office Tuck Shop.
  • That his snack draw would be free of charge….
  • That he was more optimistic and didn’t worry about life so much.
  • His should swap his iPhone for an Android 😉
  • He’d make more coffee.
  • I would fill him with self confidence – he’s fabulous, just needs to believe it!

If you could steal a particular talent from Phil, what would it be?”

  • All Phil’s big grown-up words for emails.
  • Would love to know how to DJ to be fair!
  • His cooking skills.
  • Laptop Wizardry.
  • His ability to explain technical details and present them in a way that is understandable by all.
  • His ability to pronounce food with posh names correctly.
  • His ability to make coffee.

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