What’s the best thing about working with Martin?

  • Knowing any problem on any level can be given to Martin, and a solution will be achieved.
  • Even in the worst kind of IT crisis he’s calm, methodical and efficient, so he’s kind of an “IT Comfort Blanket”. You know he’ll get the problem sorted without any drama.
  • His sense of calm and composure
  • He’s so knowledgeable and thinks of others needs
  • His Dad jokes.

What’s the worst thing about working with Martin?

  • Conversations can sometimes last a very very long time.
  • His dreadful old school jokes!!!
  • I can’t think of a single thing!

What is Martin the best at?

  • Delivering complete focus to a single problem until it no longer exists, with a perfectly designed plan that is foolproof.
  • He has the most incredible brain, we’ve yet to find an IT problem that he hasn’t experienced, and he’s an extremely patient and thorough teacher with the less experienced members of the team, so he’s a real asset to our constant learning environment.
  • Being calm, cool and unflappable in even the most pressurised circumstances
  • Knowing almost anything, literally ever.
  • Helping others

What is your favourite memory of working with Martin? 

  • Martin is a genius, he holds a remarkable memory and skill in many areas. My favourite time this was demonstrated, Martin had a problem with his eyes. On one day he temporarily lost most of his vision in both eyes.
  • With restricted vision, and almost no ability to see, he made his way, walking from his home to the office, remembering all the locations of crossings, the distance and when he would have to turn without any GPS assistance. The downside was that on his arrival to the office he remembered he wouldn’t be able to see his screen or complete any work, the great journey had not been required!! Of course we drove him home to avoid the journey version 2. This just shows Martin’s desire to overcome any problem no matter how challenging.
  • No specific occasion, however, Martin can be a great sounding board when I am struggling to make a decision, and I’ve had some really thought-provoking discussions with him over the years.
  • After 15 years, there are way too many to list/remember!
  • Always saying the funniest thing at the wrong time. #Teammeeting
  • When he saw I was struggling with something and immediately came to help.

If you could change one thing about Martin, what would it be? 

  • He needs a modern mobile phone.
  • I’d make him work 5 days a week instead of 3
  • That he makes me a coffee!

If you could steal a particular talent from Martin, what would it be?”

  • Martin’s ability to focus with all effort on a single problem without getting distracted.
  • His calmness, he’s literally unflappable.
  • His ability to stay cool and calm under pressure, and his memory
  • Quick wit
  • Some of his knowledge

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