Anyone who knows our tech team here at Q2Q HQ, will be well aware that we love checking out the new technologies and looking at how they can potentially be used to help our customers.

That’s why when we saw the latest TeamViewer Pilot innovation – a new concept which allows both individuals and businesses to carry out augmented-reality (AR) led remote support – we got really excited…

Here, we look in a little more depth at what the technology does, its benefits and how it could transform the world of remote assistance, as we know it.

So, what exactly is TeamViewer Pilot and how does it work?

No matter whether you’re changing a tyre at the roadside, trying to fix a broken machine or feeling puzzled because your internet connectivity is poor, TeamViewer Pilot is a service that allows a more advanced and qualified individual to guide a novice or trainee through something – with both parties sharing the same real-time view, via a smartphone camera.

TeamViewer Pilot’s strapline, ‘see what your customer sees’ really encapsulates what the kit does.

All that’s needed to use the AR technology is a smartphone – for the ‘pupil’ who requires the help – a phone or PC for the ‘teacher’, the TeamViewer Pilot app downloaded on the mobile device and 3-4G internet connection.

How does AR differ from traditional support?

These days, many troubleshooting sessions take place over the phone. While in some instances these may work well, there are plenty of things which fall through the net – either due to a bad connection or miscommunication – leaving customers feeling frustrated and, ironically, unsupported.

When you’re listening to someone while simultaneously trying to carry out the steps they’re guiding you through, this can feel highly pressurised – with some people feeling too embarrassed to admit they’re lost in the conversation and need to start again.

Additionally, by using this video-led form of remote support, businesses have their customers’ eyes, as it were, seeing the problem unfold in real time. The ‘expert’ will see the same view as what’s on the customer’s smartphone, and they’re able to draw on and interact with the live video – pointing out key areas and adding 3D markers, such as arrows, onto everyday objects, making it easy to see where the issue is and what steps need to be taken next.

This doesn’t rely on the ‘novice’ needing any prior knowledge of the machine or system either, nor do they have to use their imagination to find where the correct button is – they will view everything on their mobile phone screen.

Analysing the advantages

Firstly, this tech has may benefits where time saving is concerned. After all, it enables an expert to rapidly share a customer’s experience without needing to attend the site. And this not only saves time on travel but also mitigates the need to carry bulky equipment around.

And of course, if staff aren’t having to commute as much, this translates into cost savings for the business too.

While visiting customer sites is important for relationship building – we genuinely love this element of our job! – for unplanned disasters which have a quick and easy fix, omitting this travel time is not only beneficial for the business that’s offering the support, but it gets problems fixed sooner for the client who requires the assistance too!

Also, in the current climate – with people having to isolate and maintain social distancing – connecting with clients via a smartphone can really help in terms of personal health and safety too.

Finally, there’s also the fact that it can act as a training medium for junior staff within a business – enabling them to get fast support, on tap, from the people who have the answers. This ability to inject short-term technical knowledge into employees – via the use of a normal smartphone – is a great tool of reassurance for both business owners and their personnel.

Our clients’ satisfaction levels are incredibly important to us here at Q2Q, and this is why we’re exploring the TeamViewer Pilot technology and testing it over the next few months. We’re big believers that when it comes to dealing with an ‘IT bomb’ – aka a big issue – don’t just cut the red wire, let the right people help.

As you know, the kettle is always on at Q2Q, so if you fancy a chat about any of the content above, or just fancy talking all-things-IT-support with our team, get in touch!

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