Prevention vs. Cure

We’ve previously explored the importance of cyber security for SMEs, but there are many different approaches that businesses can take to protect and maintain their entire IT systems. So, what are the options and how do you work out which is right for you?

SMEs and system support

It’s essential to weigh up the benefits of IT support according to your specific needs, as there is no one size that fits all – what works for a large corporation with a complex infrastructure, operating in many locations, won’t fit the requirements of an SME with a single site and simple IT system, for example.

But it is in fact the perceived simplicity associated with SME’s IT, that leads such business owners to overlook external IT support as an option. While maintenance from within the business may seem manageable, the workload can actually be underestimated and soon impact negatively on productivity, uptime, security and costs.

Preparation is key

The question of whether prevention is better than cure is prominent within IT support, particularly for businesses who have newly-installed systems that they deem safe and efficient. Of course, costs can be cut by relying on existing employees to monitor performance, security and updates, but there is plenty of room for human error, and a lot to lose as a result.

Waiting until something goes wrong before fixing it is also a risky game, and can end up costing businesses far more to clean up than it would to implement a safety net from the beginning. Having managed IT support in place can provide such security and while many see outsourcing IT support as more suited to larger corporations, SMEs are missing out on the affordable benefits that certain services can offer them.

Managed IT support

Entering into a partnership with a managed IT service provider enables a proactive rather than reactive approach to system maintenance, with continual monitoring allowing issues to be resolved before they even happen. Not only does this mean less downtime for systems when a problem does occur, but also less reliance on users having to report glitches.

Did you know: managed IT support is a solution offered by Q2Q, tailored to your specific needs. It can be precisely the proactive precaution your business needs to protect against unforeseen system failures or security breaches.

The benefits of managed IT support for SMEs are extensive – here are just some of the ways such services could help your business:

  1. Proactivity – Ongoing monitoring and protection of IT systems enables preventable issues to be avoided, and improvements can also be suggested that SMEs didn’t even realise existed!
  2. Productivity – Having external support allows workers to focus on their jobs rather than taking care of updates and infrastructure maintenance themselves. This is particularly beneficial for SMEs with a small workforce. Tackling problems with IT interruptions before they arise also means there is less disruptive system downtime – there’s a lot to be said for us becoming your IT department!
  3. Peace of mind – While it is important for SMEs to have a basic understanding of their IT systems and any cyber security risks, it is reassuring to know that experts are on hand to deal with any changes or threats. Working in partnership with a trusted IT support teamimproves the reliability and efficiency of IT systems, and SMEs by extension.
  4. Adaptability and growth – As a small business grows, so will the support it receives. Continuous monitoring of business needs along with expert insight into the developing technological landscape and prominent risks ensures ongoing support for thriving SMEs.
  5. Long-term cost saving – While a monthly financial commitment might be off-putting for SMEs, it’s important to weigh up potential financial benefits in the long run. Not only is the cost of a dedicated internal IT resource avoided if there is external support to rely on, but monthly investment in a managed IT support service is far more affordable than the cost of recovering from a security breach, server outage or data loss.

Q2Q offers managed IT solutions that are tailored to your business needs. Contact us to learn more about how our support plans can protect you from unexpected costs and unpleasant surprises.

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