“On average, technology users carry 2.9 devices on them at all times”

Recently trawling through tech websites, honestly for blog topic inspiration I came across this ‘Tech fact’. I was shocked, that we actually carry around or in fact, need more than one device.

Perhaps it cannot be taken too seriously as it does pose a few questions like, who profiles as a tech user and what constitutes a device. But, at the same time, on another website I read that 4 billion of the 6.8 billion population use a mobile- does a mobile count as a devise, I think so- therefore 4 billion people carry approx. 2.9 devices. I don’t want to do the maths.

The point of my ramble is, we have become obsessed with needing all these various devices and platforms that can make our lives easier, perhaps they are just making it more difficult. If we look at business software, for example, the majority of companies are analysing and reporting data from so many different channels, they could be missing the trick.

We have designed a unique platform, yes another software, which combines all your actionable and reportable data into one place, so your management team can use one software to maintain an instant and overall view of how the company is performing. We call it Q2Q Sofia.

We may not have the solution to why we carry round 2.9 devices but we do have a solution to condensing your many business systems into one easy to use dashboard.

For a free demo or just to discuss introducing Q2Q Sofia to your business with one of our consultants, give us call on 01524 581 691 or email [email protected]

And by the way, we are still wondering what 0.9 of a device is…

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