How to Tell if Your Employee is a Robot

Here at Q2Q-IT we are always aware of how fast technology advances. Every day, there is a new piece of news that brings us closer to the sci-fi world of popular blockbuster movies (Star Wars this weekend, anyone?). One of the more fantastical aspects of this is the role that robots will take in the future workplace. 

Will they take over not only labour jobs but also the role of the average office worker? Slowly becoming increasingly sentient until suddenly robot overlords rule us? Okay, so maybe that is jumping a little ahead of ourselves. But, the point still stands. What does a workplace full of robotic employees look like? 

The Future is Now

Manual labour saw it first. You could say that even as far back as the invention of the assembly line – thanks to the car manufacturer Henry Ford – the sign has been written on the wall for such work. Technology is now responsible for a large number of labour jobs and some jobs that once existed, even 20 years ago, are obsolete. 

Today, digital teaching assistants are even being pioneered online to help children with their homework. Did children notice the lack of humanity in their teaching assistant? Not in the slightest. In fact, they only noticed a faster response rate than their previous human assistants. 

So, with more efficiency, never having to sleep and the only cost being the buying of the software in the first place; it seems inevitable that robots will soon become more prevalent in the office environment. But at what cost? 

Jobs at Risk

The question of will a robot take your job is something that many people have begun to ask. However, is there any need for the majority of workers to worry at all? 

Jobs most at risk include telephone sales, typists, financial workers, secretaries and other such professions. This is a result of many aspects of these jobs being simpler to automate. Professions that do not require a level of human interaction and empathy are most at risk in this respect. The less social intelligence needed for a job, the more easily a robot can be created to take its place. 

Not All Doom and Gloom

However, never fear! There are some jobs that simply will never be at risk from a superior robot replacement, or at least not for an extremely long time. The more creative or specialised your field, so writers and doctors, for example, have a secure job for the near future. Robots can’t yet pull on our heartstrings with a tragic tale and nor can they diagnose a disease without serious risk of being wrong. For now, your co-workers will remain largely flesh and blood in these areas. 

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