Q2Q turned 18 years old today, so we thought we’d have a giggle at the team meeting and google some of the “fun” things you’re allowed to do when you turn 18.  

We surveyed the team to see who’s still not ticked them off, bearing in mind that we all turned 18 a while ago, and for some of us it was more than a couple of decades ago!  Here’s the results…

  1. Vote in the local elections – Absolutely, doing our bit for our country
  2. Get involved in the local elections yourself – doesn’t seem to interest anyone here yet
  3. Get called up for Jury Duty – just the boss and Phil so far
  4. Get married without parental permission – for the married ones, we were all over 18 and we think our parents approved!
  5. See your original birth certificate – we’re asking for evidence of this for the older folk who might be lying about their age 😉
  6. Carry an organ donor card – most of us are registered as donors, go team!
  7. Get down to the local pub – didn’t need to ask this one, we all like a tipple here!!
  8. Buy fireworks – yep!
  9. Watch the strongest rated movies at the cinema – of course
  10. Visit a casino – most of us have done this, not sure what this says about us all!!
  11. Get a tattoo – the boss wins this one with 14 tattoos, but only three others in the team have them, and Shannon literally had her first one on her 18th birthday, what a rebel!!
  12. Get a piercing without parental permission – Those of us that have, all had them before they were 18, yet more rebels!!
  13. Ride a big boy motorcycle – we’re all about 4 wheels only here, but a couple of us had motor bikes when we were younger, the boss had a brand-new Vespa when she turned 18 😊
  14. Open a proper bank account – No one is keeping their cash under the mattress thankfully!
  15. Make some extra cash at a pawn shop – Is that old fashioned speak for eBay or Facebook Marketplace?
  16. Participate in a medical study – Martin was a test dummy for an early Covid study, and Harrison thinks this sounds like a good side hustle and is off to investigate…
  17. Be tried in a magistrate court – no one has admitted to this… yet!!
  18. Rent some saucy movies! – again, no one is admitting to this one 😊

We’re celebrating with cake in the office then a team night out later in the month, so look out for some fun pics in this month’s Instagram photo dump 😊

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