Five reasons to invest in a Data Management System

‘Data management system’…sounds boring doesn’t it?

And I can hear you asking the question, why do we need another software or do we need a software at all? Don’t worry I am here to answer those questions for you, with our five reasons to invest in a data management system.

1. Simple, it’s all in one place.

With high level integration capabilities, a data management system can combine and condense all the relevant business information from across all areas of your company. With integration across accountancy, e-commerce, ERP and CRM, this software can withdraw all the important information for you to measure and report on specific areas of your business- whilst analysing trends amongst the data. Ultimately it allows you to be more effective in your decisions and efficient in your working so your focus can become business development as well as business management.

2. Relevant information for you

Whatever your focus, whatever your sector, whether it be social media, e-commerce, production-line planning or financial account management. A data management system can allow you to gather the appropriate information for your management teams to measure and keep up to date with, so they can further inform their current or future decisions’.

3. ISO compliant, real-time reporting

Whether you need to report to your board or a regulatory body, being able to report on business data is essential. A great example is Sales vs Budget reporting to help direct resources and marketing. This can be done on thousands of products, if necessary, with an understanding of geographical areas, transaction time, vendors and customers. It also allows you to identify areas for growth, see point 4.

4. Focus on development and growth

Where are your customers buying from, why are they buying from there? What are the areas of strength within your business and which areas are there of weakness that need to be focused on. A data management software will allow you to identify correlations so you can predict future trends and fix potential problems before they occur- it allows you to be proactive with your decisions and reactive when you need to be.

5. Supports decisions and generates evidence for future decisions

Ever struggle justifying your proposal to management? A software that analyses your current business info can support and inform decision making and provide evidence for you to back up proposals. It may also allow you to generate new ideas to combat future issues or maximise on future opportunities.

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