Common Employee Complaints

In the modern era, every company – no matter how big or small – has a number of computers that their employees have to deal with on a daily basis. Computers which may not live up to the expectations that your employees may bestow upon them. Of course, not every employee is as computer savvy as you may like them to be. So, you may experience a number of complaints in your IT department as a result of this.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a computer, but what are the most common questions? More importantly, how do you solve them?

Too Slow

A computer being too slow is a common problem for many IT users. But, it may not be the computers fault at all in some cases. Most people often mistake a slow computer for a slow internet connection. Video taking forever to buffer? Your web pages won’t load in less than five minutes? Then the problem is most certainly the internet and not your wrongly accused machine.

Of course, sometimes the issue does lie with your computer. It may be a case of little space being available on the hard drive that holds the operating drive. Whilst the system is running, the computer needs space in order to create new files and having a full hard drive prevents this. Clearing space is one of the best ways to solve this issue with little effort.

It is also possible to improve slow performance by changing the launch settings of a computer. Many programs unnecessarily launch when you start a computer, which can bring the start-up process to a crawl even on a computer with the best specifications. Simply using Microsoft’s System Configuration tool can help you to turn off some of these and help speed up the computer. Of course, some of these programs are essential and so you should be careful about the ones that you do disable.


This one goes hand in hand with the issue of slow internet. Testing the speed of your internet, determining what your download and upload speeds are and determining if that is slower than you are paying for is the best option for this problem. Ideally, they should be hovering around the advertised rate of your internet provider, but anything up to a 50% dip is also acceptable.

If the speed is okay, but you are still experiencing a remarkably slow service then you may be inadvertently downloading or uploading. This will use up your bandwidth and may account for the slow speeds. It may be a background download that has hidden and caused all of your issues. In which case, simply cancel the download and you should be running at full speed once more!

A hardware problem may also be affecting your network speeds. Resetting a router or modem can help solve a lot of basic network problems, most modern routers have a reset button but simply turning it off and on again is also a solution here. Of course, if your problems persist it is a good idea to get in touch with your provider and ask for their expert solutions.

Printer Won’t Print

Printers can be the bane of many offices. There is plenty of paper, the ink is at optimum levels and everything should be printing perfectly; but it just isn’t. The first step to solving this is, once again, to turn it off and on again. It may be a problem that a simple reset may fix. The print queue should also be checked, as it will show you the status of your printing and let you know if there are any issues. Your printer may just be stalled due to a number of backed up jobs or it may have accidentally been set to ‘offline’ mode. In which case, set it back to online mode and it should burst back into life!

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