Castle Alarms, and Westmoreland Fire and Security are part of the rapidly growing Walker Fire group of companies, who Q2Q have supported for nearly 6 years. As one of the UK’s leading fire safety providers, Walker Fire provide exceptional products, training, and services for businesses of all kinds, and have branches located across the UK. Their continued expansion, predominantly by acquiring other businesses has been an exciting challenge for Q2Q as we onboard each new site and their team members.

What was the issue?

The two companies were both leaving their existing site’s and combining into a larger, much nicer unit under the ownership of their new parent company. The move of the IT systems needed to be done in a controlled manner, with as little unplanned downtime as possible.

How was the client effected?

Before any move could take place, the new site needed to be assessed for adequate power, network wall ports, comms cabinets, network switches etc.

What part did we play in the move?

Q2Q were able to assist the client from the outset, with multiple site visits to assess, plan and eventually carry out the move. We advised on the necessary network infrastructure required, sourced and set up new equipment, and mapped in the equipment that would be moving home, all coming together in as efficient a move as possible.

As part of the move, a new super-fast and reliable “leased line” internet connection was provisioned and implemented, giving the new site an internet connection to easily cope with the demand of its many new users and more.

The old sites were decommissioned, and all old, unrequired kit was removed and securely decommissioned.

What was the outcome?

Due to the careful planning, and plenty of site visits and prep work, all the users moved across within one day and downtime was kept to a minimum.

The new leased line is giving the staff a fantastic experience, and as more of the staff move to cloud-based computing, this will be invaluable to them.

As the new site was effectively built from scratch, Q2Q were able to implement all sorts of exciting new hardware and technology, something we love the opportunity of getting our teeth in to!

The networking and Wi-Fi throughout the building is a single manufacturer setup allowing for clever separated networks for CCTV, alarms, and computing. And the sexiest part… the servers on the network are invisible!!

The building is also capable of surviving “off-grid” for power and has its own internal power capabilities should there be power cuts.

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