Can we help your business save time?

I have been thinking about a recent discussion with a potential new customer about the time it takes for their team to gather data to prep for meetings.

We recently started exhibiting our software Q2Q Sofia around the country, partly to get our name and brand out there but of course partly to drum up some new business- we are really keen on showing off the new design.

I have been describing (and more likely selling) to those visiting the stand this concept of being able to bring all various pieces of data from all areas of their business, whether it be spreadsheets or software.

But perhaps more simply Q2Q Sofia saves time. It seems, a lot of businesses still measure their business performance through excel spreadsheets, or half hearted, clunky systems that don’t really do the job. Therefore to prepare for month end or board meetings employees often spend an hour or two gathering all the information, creating tables and displaying them in graphs.

Ultimately this takes various team members time off their actual jobs to prepare for a meeting that will albeit be useful but is also taking them away from their day to day work?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to have it all there at a click of a button?

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