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Cyber security has been the focus for a fair few of our blog posts – and with good reason! Named as the top risk facing UK SMEs in 2017, staying secure online is more crucial for businesses than ever before. Even though 93% of small businesses take some measures to protect their security, 66% have suffered a breach in the past two years.

Not having effective cyber security measures in place can be damaging for your brand in a number of ways. Data breaches can result in sensitive information being accessed, which could lead to financial implications and reputation damage, not to mention the compromising of employees’ and clients’ privacy. Whatever the specific consequences, cyber attacks are universally harmful to businesses, and their prevention should be a priority.

But with seemingly endless measures that SMEs can take to protect themselves from such threats, how can you tell if you’re cyber-ready? If you’re tech savvy you may feel you’re fully clued up on all the cyber risks facing your business. But chances are, there are vulnerabilities you might have overlooked – from underinformed employees to outdated anti-virus software, the list is endless.

Cyber security is just one piece of a much bigger puzzle and the protection of entire systems, networks and data takes a lot of work. But managed IT support services that prioritise the safeguarding of your SME against operational disruption, theft and damage to hardware and software, are available.

So if you have even the slightest hesitation surrounding an aspect of your SME’s cyber security, then why not get in touch with Q2Q for a free cyber security and network assessment?

Carried out by senior IT technicians, these assessments are essentially a thorough health check of your entire network. Involving a comprehensive 27-point review of your infrastructure, security mechanisms and current IT set-up, they conclude with an easy-to-understand report covering the recommended actions for you to take as well as the typical costs.

Giving you a clear idea of the steps to follow to become fully robust, the assessment is a great free service for SMEs to improve their cyber security awareness, with no obligation to do anything else with Q2Q. Whether you want a detailed rundown of how to stay cyber secure, or simply the peace of mind that your IT is working as it should, we can help!

Ready to test your cyber readiness? Book a free cyber security assessment with one of our expert technicians, or call us on 01524 581690 to chat through your needs.

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