5 minutes with Martin Bilton

It’s time to get to know another one of our Q2Q employees, this time it’s Martin Bilton, Q2Q’s technical manager, taking part in this speedy team Q&A.

  • Describe your role at Q2Q in one paragraph 

    As a technical manager, I analyse businesses’ IT systems and try to identify where things can be improved – to ensure the prevention of predictable problems. In addition, I modify internal procedures to improve efficiency and consistency of delivery to customers. Beyond that, I’m also a point of escalation when IT problems get really complex.

  • What’s your favourite part of the job? 

    My investigative nature means that I like solving problems, but it’s great when I have the opportunity to do things right the first time, rather than having to rectify problematic systems which exhibit faults that could have been avoided to begin with.

  • What does it take to be a great technical manager?An analytical minds and lots of patience! Some of the most obscure problems take a great deal of digging to locate their root cause and then resolve it.
  • If your colleagues could sum you up in one word, which word would they use?Caffeinated.
  • What did you want to be when you were growing up?Taller!
  • The phone rings and it’s your dream enquiry – who would the client be?NASA.
  •        What’s the biggest IT challenge facing SMEs in the current business climate? 

    Getting value for money from their IT investments – with such a busy marketplace, it can be difficult for companies to know who and what to trust.

  •        If you could change one thing about the IT sector, what would it be?Lock-ins. So many proprietary formats are used for file and data storage that it becomes near-impossible to extract data from an old, obsolete system and import it into current software.
  • What are your hopes for Q2Q over the next 12 months? 

    Growth, growth and more growth.

  • If you could pick any 3 words to describe Q2Q, what would they be?Helpful, reliable and professional.

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