5 Future Techs That Will Change the World!

The future of technology is unbelievable with new advances being made every day and existing technologies being combined to created Hybrid solutions that can change the world. Take a look at these five new and developing technologies that are going to blow your mind!

  1. Self-driving cars

Or more likely, self-driving trucks! Driver-less cars have been on everyone’s tech radars for a while now with Google making their announcement in May 2014. However, the first of this kind of tech we will expect to see on the roads are likely to be self-driving trucks.

Here are some of the reasons why self-driving trucks are a brilliant new tech to be looking out for.

  • Computers don’t need breaks meaning longer routes
  • Better fuel consumption
  • HUGE labour cost savings
  • Reduction in traffic accidents

Trials are said to be happening on the M6 in Cumbria in the UK this year.

  1. Drones 

There has been a lot of negative news surrounding drones with examples of ‘misuse’ in the press, such a drones being seen delivering drugs to prisons.  But drones are increasingly being used to massively improve the way we operate.  The future of drones is incredible. With government departments already working on big projects.

The introduction of drones into farming, for example. Arable farmers could have drone managed fields that could measure things like soil conditions and automatically provide feed to crops when its needed.

We had to sneak this amazing one in: University Students from George Mason University have even developed a tool that can put out a fire using sound- combine this type of tech with a drone and you have massive potential for reducing the impact of forest fires or even just domestic fires. This also massively reduces the risk to human life. Watch this cool video!

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

‘The broad promise of AI is to liberate people from repetitive mental tasks the same way the industrial revolution liberated people from repetitive physical tasks.’ Chris Dixon. 

This could massively increase job satisfaction, if we can begin to automate a lot of menial tasks that make people’s jobs uninteresting, we could massively increase the interest and motivation of employees in the workplace. Not only this, it could be the answer to bringing developing countries up to speed with the rest of the world.

To quote Kevin Kelly ‘If AI can help humans become better chess players, it stands to reason that it can help us become better pilots, better doctors, better judges, better teachers.’

It is a common train of thought that there will be less jobs because of this shift, however if we look at other tech shifts and their creation of jobs then there is evidence against this. There are millions of people now working as app developers, drone operators and even ‘YouTubers’, jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

  1. Internet for everyone

Richard Branson now invests in a company called OneWeb which produces satellites that will aim to produce the biggest network in the world to bring the internet to everyone and its launching in 2018. The impact of this could be incredible, think internet for rural areas, high speed access for schools across the world, and instantly deploy-able connections to those affected by hurricanes or earthquakes.

  1. Super Computers combined with High Quality Online Education. 

So by 2018 the entire world will be more connected, combine this with high quality online education and simply an IPhone 6. (Today’s smartphones are what used to be considered supercomputers)

Tech advancements like this, combined and being able to create them in bulk at affordable prices is massively important for the future of developing countries. Allowing so many people more access to more information can only improve the way developing countries operate and learn.

You could access YouTube, for example, which was millions of free tutorials and lectures-  a huge resource for learning.

So over the next few years prepare to be amazed at how things will change across the world. We are Q2Q an IT Support, Strategy and Software company based in Lancaster in the North West. IT Less Ordinary.

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