5 biggest myths about outsourcing IT support

Forget what you’ve heard about the negatives of outsourcing services for your business – like with most things in life, the horror stories are the only ones that stick in your mind!

However big or small your company, trusting a professional and proactive IT support company to manage your systems for you could be the best operating decision you make – especially with the GDPR just around the corner.

So, if you’re thinking about outsourcing IT support but worried about what you’ve heard, we’re here to dispel the biggest myths and set the record straight:

Myth #1: We’re too small to outsource IT support

This is one case where size doesn’t matter. While historically, external support might have been the reserve of larger corporations, services now exist to cater to all business sizes – without the huge price tag! The level of service and discipline remains the same, but at a more affordable rate for smaller businesses who recognise the value of enlisting expertise from the outside.

Myth #2: It’d be more cost-effective to do it in-house

Whilst outsourced support is a paid service, the costs often outweigh those of the potential damages caused when IT issues are overlooked or neglected – a common result of an over-stretched in-house team. Plus, providers can often share software update costs across multiple clients, meaning that their profit margins can be offset without having to charge individual customers more for their services.

Myth #3: Data is compromised by outsourcing

Once upon a time, this might have been the case, but storing all sensitive information on-site is no longer a feasible method of keeping data safe. In fact, when it comes to back-ups and disaster recovery, it’s actually far safer to have files stored in multiple locations than keeping them all in one place – as long as they’re protected by adequate security measures. This way, if data is compromised, it can be recovered from another location.

Myth #4: The service level will be compromised by distance

It’s a commonly held belief that in-house communications are always better than those with suppliers, but this isn’t always the case, especially where specialist areas like IT are concerned. Ultimately, if a business is paying for a service, it’s in the provider’s best interest to give them the best one possible. And with today’s ever-advancing remote technologies, fulfilling these key support requirements at a distance has never been more achievable.

Myth #5: We’re too technical for an outsourcer to understand

There’s no business too specialised for outsourced IT support, and any company that thinks it’s too complex presents just the kind of challenge that tech specialists love! For instance, many organisations have applications that require rapid IT support and a specialised helpdesk, but this doesn’t mean that the responsibilities need to be performed by an in-house team. Not only can an outsourcer take care of these additional resources, they’re often better placed than in-house teams to assess precisely what extra support is needed.

Still not sure about whether outsourcing IT support is the right choice for your business? We’d love to chat to you in more detail about how we can help – just give us a bell!

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