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Are you struggling to understand the current state of your IT infrastructure? Preparing for growth and worried your IT might not support you? Or do you just think it’s time for an IT MOT?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need to regain control (with our help!) The Q2Q IT Assessment can provide the answer to all these common SME pain points.

We’ll undertake a thorough, 36-point health-check of your current IT infrastructure and processes, before presenting our findings in an easy-to-digest graphical report. The result is a clear understanding of the areas for improvement, in priority order, along with a breakdown of the actions required to achieve progress.

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The trouble with IT...

The underlying issue with IT is that whilst it is all around us, most of us use it (pardon the pun), to undertake our day-to-day activities, without needing (or wanting, being inclined) to understand the mechanics.

This is absolutely fine day-to-day, but when it then comes to interfacing with those people whose job it is to “work under the hood”, sometimes the “techno-babble” seems like a foreign language or worst can feel like you are being bamboozled.

We wanted to find a way to ensure that our customers (and prospects) could quickly and easily understand the data we were presenting in a way that avoided jargon, buzzwords and techno-babble, to enable them (you) to make any necessary decisions, based upon thoroughly understanding our findings and recommendations.

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The Benefits of our IT assessment

A graphical representation of the state of your IT and associated services.

An overall score specific to your environment based on how great it could be, rather than a generic industry standard.

Colour coded report providing, at a glance, information as to which areas could be/need to be improved.

A financial summary of what we calculate you are really spending on IT vs. the known costs you believe you are paying out for.

Attributable savings to implementing any recommendations.

A comparative analysis of where your business realistically could be, if you undertake any remedial activities we identify.

A clear plan of what needs to happen and likely costs, which you can then undertake yourselves or get your existing IT provider (or staff) to undertake.

An understanding of any software licencing contraventions.

An overview of your IT estate and hardware e.g. asset list.

How Painful will the IT Assessment be?

Carried out by IT experts, understood by all!

The IT audit itself is quite a simple process once we have undertaken some background research regarding your business, known pains and any future plans or concerns. These discoveries then form the basis of the audit, as we know what to concentrate on moving forward.

Then we’ll break our assessment down into four key areas:



Managed Support and Services


Each of these contains nine sub-sections which are scored individually to make up the overall IT assessment score. All of the results are presented graphically, alongside straight-talking, next-step advice. Don’t worry, there’s no ‘techno-babble’, so you won’t feel bamboozled by the findings.

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Managed Support and Services is the most efficient way to minimise the reactive support and proactively manage your infrastructure. In exchange for a fixed monthly fee, outsourcing some or all of your monitoring and support services will help improve operations while reducing your overall expense. Whether this is outsourcing the monitoring of servers or patch-monitoring your machines and devices, all the way through to outsourcing your IT Support.

This detailed section of the IT Assessment, provides analysis and overview of the state of your current Managed Services. The results of this section are reflected in the Managed Services audit score.

The underlying security of your IT is arguably one of the most important sections of your audit report. With so much riding on the security of your infrastructure, which now doesn’t just mean the servers in your building, but your laptops and mobile devices, you can’t afford to have any deficiencies.

Fortunately there is an abundance of security solutions available to mitigate the risks and protect the valuable data within your business. That said, it is the appropriate layering and combining of these solutions that makes the real difference.

This detailed section of the IT Assessment, provides analysis and overview of the state of your current security. The results of this section are reflected in the security audit score.

Infrastructure relates to the foundation upon which the rest of your IT technology is based. Just as it is with a building, it is extremely important for the integrity of the foundations to be known, before you build on top of it. It is even more important if you are changing what was originally built on it!. Poor foundations, or foundations no longer appropriate for use can lead to downtime, lost sales and ultimately drive up the total cost of ownership of your IT.

This detailed section of the IT Assessment, provides analysis and overview of the state of your current Infrastructure. The results of this section are reflected in the Infrastructure audit score.

Telecommunciations has been one of the fasted evolving areas of technology in recent years, primarily as the result of the improvement in internet connectivity solutions.

Traditionally viewed as a separate cost centre, often bundled into the same accounting pot as rent and rates e.g. “just something you have to pay and accept”, the proliferation of voice over IP (VoIP) solutions has allowed many businesses to realise savings whilst also increasing operational flexibility and business continuity.

This detailed section of the IT Assessment, provides analysis and overview of the state of your current Telecommunications. The results of this section are reflected in the Telecommunications audit score.

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Doing the sums...

If you’re willing to provide us with the current cost of your IT, this assessment will prove even more helpful.

That’s because we can also attribute ‘unseen’ IT costs to your current business scenario. For example, if you’re not routinely patching your software and we uncover a weakness that could expose you to hacking, we’ll calculate the likely cost of not fixing it. Similarly, we could do the same for ineffective backups or conventional telecoms that are prohibiting flexibility.

We can then add these to the current base cost of your IT, to estimate the overall expense of your infrastructure. We can then create a comparison plan based on undertaking remedial actions. The result is an understanding of what you think your IT is costing your SME, what it is actually costing, and how much you could potentially save.

If you don’t feel comfortable disclosing your IT expenditure, we’ll estimate the figures based on what we know, see and hear.

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