Tom Jackson


What I do at Q2Q:

I joined Q2Q back in 2019, where I primarily worked with clients on day-to-day issues. I then moved onto the onboarding team where I facilitated the migration of client IT services over to us.

I’m now the Senior Team Coordinator! My current role primarily involves the organisation of the workload of our senior engineers where I keep an eye on their ticket queues and SLAs. I’ve not had to break out the senior beating stick just yet…

Background and Achievements

I come from a very technical background, starting at IT basics in high school, continuing through to college where I learnt more of the intricacies and theory, then onto my professional life where every position I’ve held has been firmly tech related, and I’d like it to stay that way!

Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies include everything tech, growing bonsai and chillis, and gaming (both in tabletop and electronic forms).

I’m very passionate about animal welfare and the environment.

When we get new equipment or solutions to play with.

Friday night Domino’s Pizza!

Southern Spain (Tarifa and Marbella).

Bending the rules a bit, I’d rather have a gadget; ‘The Stat Gun’. The device would show all stats about any targeted object. Want to know how many times someone has had a password reset? Blip them!

I’m a vegetarian! (Yeah, I know).

Vegetables (I’m obsessed), Good music, Blood orange gin.

Queens of the Stone Age.

ABBA, Knowing Me Knowing You.

To improve the various internal processes at Q2Q as they could do with a refresh, as well as expanding my knowledge on Microsoft Entra.

Microsoft Entra.

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