Martin Bilton


What I do at Q2Q:

Prevention is a large part of my role, here at Q2Q. I analyse systems and try to identify where improvements can be made, to help ensure that predictable problems can be prevented from happening.

My many years’ experience of technical problem solving also mean I’m one of the team’s go-to contacts for really complex IT issues. In other words, if there’s a puzzle to solve or a more efficient process to be found, I’ll definitely be there working it out.

Background and Achievements

I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees, plus various Microsoft certifications – from Windows 2000 to current. I have a very varied background in IT – across many different disciplines, including server admin, network admin, and agile development of live operating systems.

Hobbies and Interests

Drinking coffee, reading and films

Digital Martin Bilton at Q2Q HQ Lancaster, Lancashire and the North West

The next one!

Caffeinated, analytical and funny (allegedly!)

I am allergic to wasps

Coffee, scotch and dead wasps!

Pink Floyd

‘Delilah’ by Tom Jones

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