Harrison Burke


What I do at Q2Q:

As the Core Team Leader, my role encompasses several key responsibilities aimed at guiding and directing the core team while making crucial daily decisions. A central aspect of my work involves setting clear goals and establishing project timelines, effectively coordinating the efforts of team members to drive performance and foster a collaborative and productive work environment.

Effective communication is at the heart of my responsibilities. I understand the significance of conveying information clearly and concisely to team members, senior technicians, and other departments within the organisation. Whether it’s providing project updates, discussing technical requirements, or addressing any issues or challenges, I prioritise clear communication to ensure seamless coordination and progress.

Moving on to my role as a Technical Support Engineer at Q2Q, my primary objective is to provide exceptional assistance to customers in resolving their IT queries. My expertise extends to handling technical issues both over the phone and through remote support, striving to swiftly restore our clients’ operations to minimise any disruptions they may face. In situations where a more hands-on approach is necessary, I am readily available to visit our customers’ headquarters and provide on-site support, ensuring that they receive the necessary help promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, I take an active role in driving continuous improvements for our clients. I constantly review IT operations to identify areas for optimisation, seeking to enhance efficiency and deliver even more effective solutions.

Both roles require a keen attention to detail, proactive problem-solving skills, and a dedication to maintaining high standards of customer service. As the Core Team Leader, I understand the significance of effective leadership and communication in achieving our team’s objectives, while as a Technical Support Engineer, I am committed to delivering exceptional support and driving positive outcomes for our valued clients at Q2Q.

Background and Achievements

Over seven years ago, I joined the Q2Q team right after completing my A levels, starting my journey as an apprentice. Since then, I have made steady progress and now hold the position of Core Team Leader. This remarkable opportunity has allowed me to follow my passion for IT while gaining invaluable experience and knowledge.

Throughout my time at Q2Q, I have been committed to continuous improvement, consistently working to enhance both my IT expertise and leadership skills. I stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the IT industry to ensure I can deliver the best possible outcomes for my team and our clients. This drive to constantly grow and develop has been a driving force behind my success as a Core Team Leader.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, I maintain an active lifestyle. Being an early riser, I regularly go on long walks and runs in the mornings before starting my day. Currently, I am actively seeking to re-join my local football team, Highgrove FC, in the summer ready for the new season, and I have set myself a goal of running a marathon by the summer of 2024.

Digital Harrison Burke at Q2Q HQ Lancaster, Lancashire and the North West

Every day at Q2Q is fun and inspiring – in that sense, it doesn’t feel like a job.

WWE Wrestling.

Safari in Kenya 2014 – Once in a lifetime.

Eat as much as you want, but still stay in good shape.

Funny, reliable, and positive.

When I was 11 years old, I was a black Tab in Taekwondo.

Football and drinking… in no order.

Sam Fender.

Stevie Wonder – Superstition.

Manchester United – Premier League era.

My 12-month goal is to get back to being fit enough to be able to run a half marathon/full marathon in a year’s time and get back into Saturday league football.

In the Q2Q world, I have to say OneDrive is my favourite technology. It keeps data safe, syncing to the cloud, and makes IT life, so much easier on the day-to-day.

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