Damien Gelder


What I do at Q2Q:

As Head of Support I work closely with the Managing Director. The Senior Team Leader and the Core Team leader.

I work on resolving IT issues for our clients, my skillset adapts according to the needs of each individual customer. This can include anything from straightforward projects, to often the most frustrating time-sensitive challenges.

After 21+ years of experience, every day delivers an exciting variety. I love this about my job!

I’m also often travelling to visit businesses that are in need of an IT saviour while working on projects and proposals for new or existing clients.

I enjoy overseeing projects and contributing to positive changes for our clients.

From an IT standpoint, it is incredibly important that I help our clients experience seamless growth while working with us as a team, not just a supplier.

Background and Achievements

I joined Q2Q when the business was part of the IT department for the Tulchan Group, over 21 years ago. This was my first full-time role straight out of college. I have enjoyed being part of the company and watching it grow from three members of staff to the thirteen-strong team we have today.

Beyond the huge levels of change over time there have been many challenges that come with rapid changes in working with lots of small organisations. My favourite skills are playing the role of a tech translator, I bring the worlds of geeks and non-techies together, creating a harmonious symphony of understanding and laughter.

I find it hard to pinpoint other specific achievements, as one of my personal values is always to exceed my own expectations. But if you asked my wife, she would say being a great dad to my two boys!

Hobbies and Interests

I love training in martial arts and enjoy going to the gym religiously, my week wouldn’t be complete without some form of home DIY project or power tool use.

Additionally, have a passion for learning a random new skill each month, an addiction to personal development/non-fiction audiobooks and for something different, Viking-style axe throwing.

Digital Damien Gelder at Q2Q HQ Lancaster, Lancashire and the North West

Cheesecake Wednesdays.

2 weeks in Florida.

I was once the South Ribble Chess Champion.

Exercise, Muay Thai, Singin’ in the rain.

It’s not about the artist, it’s about the style.

Vengabus – Vengaboys.

The location of any given hand or power tool in my house/garage.

Break my previous year’s record of reading / listening to 86 books over 12 months.

My Remarkable note-taking tablet. It’s just life changing.

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