Benjamin Biss


What I do at Q2Q:

As a technical support assistant, I tend to do a bit of everything at Q2Q, from fixing hardware all the way to customer service.

In whatever area I’m needed I always try my best to provide the highest level of service I can, along with the rest of the Q2Q team.

Background and Achievements

I recently graduated from Lancaster University with a first-class degree in Computer Science and decided to jump right into my career in Tech. I picked up a few virtual work experience courses with companies such as Walmart and Telstra (not Tesla ☹), specializing in software engineering and cyber security. With this, I have formed a wide knowledge of all things Tech and I’m excited to continue this growth here at Q2Q.

Outside of work, I’m proud to have a few qualifications in Music, having achieved my grade 8 in violin, 5 in piano and 3 in the trumpet. My interest in sport has also provided me with a sports leader level 3 qualification, as well as SSI certification for scuba diving. Not sure how this will help me here at Q2Q yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out…

Hobbies and Interests

When it comes to my hobbies and interests, I like to think I am a jack of all trades, master of “some”. If you’ve read up to here, you can probably tell I enjoy music very much. I like to spend my time messing around with my guitar or attempting to produce something on Ableton and FL Studio.

I also enjoy cooking and baking from time to time. I always try to make something new, but you’ll often find me making the same cookie or brownie recipe three times a week.

Additionally, I love playing video games with my friends, especially on PC. Building my first gaming PC was the catalyst for my interest in Tech. From there I began coding 2D platformers in Java and C++, then soon found myself in a Computer Science course at Lancaster University!

Everyone is willing to help each other out.

Utah Skiing Trip.

Creative, friendly, and optimistic.

I am a classically trained Violinist.

Music, video games and cooking.

Tame Impala (yes, I know it’s one dude).

What you know – Two Door Cinema Club.

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Neuralink – fully implantable brain interface.

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