Our Top Tips for keeping your Computer safe!

We recently spoke to Jane Binnion at The Guardian, Lancaster about our top tips for keeping your computer safe, in case you missed them, here they are again…

1. Don’t turn off your anti-virus scanner.

There will always be a new piece of malware being developed and released. Usually anti-virus software will update itself to keep looking for them. If you turn off your anti-virus scanner, the chances of you getting infected are greatly increased- so keep it on and up-to-date.

2. Watch what you download.

Always approach with caution- downloads are the most common way that malicious software can get onto your computer. Download files from sites that you know are secure, a ‘must-have’ toolbar or ‘download this movie here’ option are usually full of viruses. Always ask yourself ‘Do I really need this’ and if ever you are unsure, don’t do it!

3. Study email attachments closely.

For various reasons, email attachments can be compromised. Sometimes it’s your email account that has been hacked, or the host system has been infected and the virus is sending itself. Either way, before you open ANY attachment, make sure it’s genuine.

If the file attached ends in .exe or .dmg, this is a program and chances are, it’s a virus. Check the reliability of the person sending the email too. If you are unsure and it’s a company name, check them out on google- are they legitimate? If it’s a personal email, were you expecting it or does it seem out of the ordinary? Again, if you’re unsure, don’t open it.

4. Avoid using shared disks when possible.

Don’t get us wrong, external hard drives and pen drives are incredibly useful, but be aware they are also an easy way to spread a virus. Most virus scanners will check them for you, alternatively before you open a file right click on it and select the option to scan the drive with your virus scanner. If there is no option, you can mostly likely do this from the virus scanner itself.

REMEMBER, this may seem timely, but it’s a lot cheaper and less hassle than a security breach or costly computer clean up.

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