Starlink broadband, allowing Wifi to boldly go where no WiFi has gone before

Jon Weston of JJ Rudell’s Jewellers

What was the challenge?

Our client’s home address is in a rural area, with no access to traditional types of broadband such as fibre, or cable-based solutions, meaning working from home was extremely challenging. While trying to find suitable products, the only available options for Jon gave, at the very best, slow connections with a couple of Mbps. The offering from EE, a mobile sim service, was found to be poor quality in this area, and the link-up to WiFi extenders in the property just did not work, causing over a year’s worth of headaches.

What did we do to fix?

After some research, Jon invested in the Starlink connection created by Elon musk’s space X.  Starlink is the world’s first, and largest, satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit to deliver broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls, and more. While this product was clearly going to provide the necessary broadband speeds, Jon wanted this to link-in to his home mesh WiFi extenders to provide a full, building wide, WiFi experience. 

Our engineer Harrison researched if this was possible, and, following a significant amount of experimentation and setup tweaks, the Mesh units all fired up and were passing data, which was great!  

We assisted over the phone while the rest of the Mesh units were installed around the house, and testing showed a super strong signal throughout, giving very useable internet to pretty much every room and corridor.

How did the client benefit from this?

Jon can now comfortably work from home with solid 70MB connections in his house, after years of frustration with slow internet.

This is the first time Q2Q have dealt with Starlink, and it won’t be the last. We were impressed with the solid, high-performance connection this satellite technology provides – “out of this world” in fact!