Crucial data protection advice for sixth form college

Greenhead College in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire is one of the UK’s leading sixth forms establishments. Rated Outstanding by OFSTED, the institution has built its reputation on delivering a top-quality education and wide range of enrichment activities to more than two thousand students every year.

With the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to be implemented in May 2018, senior management staff wanted to get ahead on ensuring all internal processes are up-to-speed with the new legislation. Q2Q was therefore enlisted to deliver a workshop to key personnel on how to achieve compliance. Here, Vice Principal Mo Bunter shares her feedback on the service they received.

    1. Summary of your business in your own words

Greenhead College is a sixth form establishment that specialises in A Level delivery. We are located in the centre of Huddersfield and employ over 200 full-time staff.

  1. How did you hear about Q2Q’s GDPR services?

The GDPR has been on our radar for a while, but we hadn’t managed to find anyone in the area that provided the services we were after. Q2Q came highly recommended by one of our governors, Katie Mallinson, as she knew that we needed assistance and her company provides PR support for the firm.

  1. Why did you choose Q2Q and did you research other potential providers?

We chose Q2Q based upon Katie’s recommendation, along with the fact that we wanted to receive reliable information in an environment where we could ask as many questions as we needed to.

  1. Which GDPR services have you received from Q2Q?Q2Q’s MD Andrew delivered a tailored 2-hour workshop to myself and nine colleagues, covering the essentials of the GDPR for a sixth form college. As well as focusing on the wider, need-to-know principles and tips surrounding compliance, the session also explored aspects relating to marketing processes.
  2. How has Q2Q helped with your understanding of the GDPR and the next steps you need to take to prepare?

Andrew was excellent and very effective in explaining the potential consequences of non-compliance, but without being alarmist in the process. There is a lot of scaremongering surrounding the GDPR, so it was a relief to receive helpful, practical and reassuring advice.

The session helped us to fully understand what remedial work needs to be done by the college to achieve compliance, and gave us plenty of takeaway advice on how to ensure our policies, practices and processes are fit for purpose.

  1. How would you rate the team on:
  • Value for money Excellent
  • Level of customer service Excellent
  • Level of knowledge Excellent
  • Practical advice Excellent
  1. What do you see as the biggest challenges for your business relating to the GDPR, and how has Q2Q helped you towards overcoming them?

Our most significant challenge is to work out exactly what we need to do to comply with the GDPR, with regard to all aspects of college communication. Andrew has helped hugely by facilitating a process of reflection on internal college procedures, which has allowed us to update them as relevant.

Additionally, by including a number of staff members rather than just one individual in the session, these necessary overhauls can be conducted without burdening any one person with an unmanageable workload. Plus, this team-based approach also means that everyone involved understands precisely what they need to do within the context of their individual roles at the college. We have certainly learnt that GDPR compliance is not just the responsibility of a single person – it requires organisation-wide understanding and commitment to the laws.


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