Vital IT support for medical infusion technology business

As a leading provider of specialist infusion devices, CME Medical is dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals and making clinical practice safer. In addition to developing, supplying and servicing medical technology products, CME Medical also provides clients with training in using their innovative products.

CME needed extra support with the day to day running of their IT systems and infrastructure management. In this client Q&A, Stephen Watson, IT Technician at CME Medical, explains how the reassurance and guidance of Q2Q has helped CME Medical over the past few years…

  1. Summary of your business in your own words

Based in Blackpool, CME Medical is a medical distribution firm, which develops, services and sells medical devices in both the public and private sectors. We have around 80 employees across our group.

  1. How long have you been working with Q2Q?

3-4 years.

  1. Why did you choose Q2Q?

It was largely by coincidence that we came across Q2Q – our MD met Andrew Stellakis at a Vistage meetings. Our IT manager sadly passed away not long afterwards, so Q2Q stepped up and filled the gap in our IT operations. Our partnership really started as a one-off with the resolution of a few major issues, but this gave us the confidence that they could take on more. They really came through to help us out, and the relationship has grown organically from there.

  1. Which services do the Q2Q team provide for you?

Day-to-day, managed IT support.

  1. What do these services mean on a day to day basis?

I’m really CME’s one-man IT team, so Q2Q provides me with the day-to-day support I need to make sure everything is ticking over, as well as helping me with larger infrastructural planning and maintenance. A lot of their support comes in the form of consultancy and advice, meaning they can help with CME Medical’s IT operations from a strategic point of view. Knowing that they are just on the end of the phone is hugely reassuring – only a few weeks ago, we had some issues and I was straight on the phone to them getting the assistance I needed.

  1. What difference has Q2Q made to your business?

They have made a positive difference. Their influence on our IT operations and efficiency is clear, especially with the changes we made to our infrastructure model recently. They have provided very important advice on our back-end ERP system, as well as making sure we are up to date with our software compliance.

  1. How would you rate the team in terms of:
  • Value for money Very good
  • Level of customer service Very good
  • Level of knowledge Excellent 
  • Responsiveness Very good
  • Proactivity Good – I don’t need them to be too proactive given I have my eye on the ball internally too.
  • Do you think they compare to other IT providers, or do they stand out? If so, why?

While we haven’t done much research into other providers, they really stand out to us for their honesty. They are very open with us about the support they provide, and their costs are fixed and transparent. I’m also impressed by their willingness to go the extra mile – we recently needed cabling expertise for example, and they sourced and organised that for us. Their openness and willingness to involve others shows their commitment to providing us with the best service they can.

    1. What are your goals for your business, and what role does/will Q2Q play in helping you achieve those?

We are currently looking towards optimising our processes through improving our technology, so Q2Q play a prominent part in that. This is all about making sure the technology works for us and isn’t being under-utilised. They also work very closely with us on our ERP system, ensuring our operations are running smoothly.

    1. Is there a specific team member that deserves a special mention? If so, why?

It’s really a full team effort – they’re all very knowledgeable. I’m mostly in contact with Damian and Pete, and no matter my problem, question or query, every time I finish talking to them, I feel like they’ve given me the right answer.

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