5 minutes with Phil Irwin

Development Manager

Fav thing about the office

The banter

As a child I wanted to be a ... when I grew up


Guilty Pleasure(s)

Genuinely none

Favourite Holiday

I enjoy remote locations, especially in Scotland away from technology.

Favourite Band

I enjoy a vast range of music and have never had a favourite band.

Describe yourself in three words or less


An interesting fact about me

I can listen to a short piece of music once and play it back.


Playing Double Bass, listening to music, Muppets

Karaoke Jam

Piano Man - Billy Joel

If I had a superpower it would be...


What I do at Q2Q:


As Development Manager I am responsible for the development of SQL databases and reports for our clients and for internal use. This often includes automating repetitive procedures and tasks to provide more accurate and efficient workflows. I am also heavily involved in reporting, providing quick, accurate data feeds, macros and reports for our users via Excel and Word.

For our E-commerce customers, for example, transferring data to and from SQL for sales processing and stock control and product updates. I also get involved in data integration projects.

Simply put, I optimise processes to ensure our clients are maximising efficiencies and making the most of the technology available to them.

Background and Achievements

I played trumpet from the age of 5 with the aim of being professional. After 1 year at Uni I got headaches within seconds of starting to play and no one could find the answer. I therefore needed to find a job and started work in an office using spreadsheets to report data for customers, in those days mainly typed up. This led to my current job at Q2Q and after getting the job set off on a steep self-teaching curve, I found I could work with computers and do what needed to be done.

My greatest achievement is my 3 kids who have all flown the nest and I am proud of them all.

Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies are music either performing, listening or composing. I play Double Bass and Piano. I also enjoy going for long walks.

Get to know Q2Q’s technical support analyst, Phil Irwin, with this speedy Q&A.


·         Describe your role at Q2Q in one paragraph

I work with our customers to resolve a wide range of IT hardware and software issues, helping to ensure they can get back to work as quickly as possible. Along with regular visits to client sites, I also provide assistance on the phone and via remote access.

·         What's your favourite part of the job?

I really enjoy getting out to meet customers at their offices and helping them face-to-face. Another favourite is the hardware side of IT – give me a laptop or PC to repair and I’m happy!

·         What does it take to be a great technical support analyst?

Being understanding and having patience with people is essential! Plus, problem-solving is a key part of the job, so a logical mind and an eye for detail is crucial to ensure that nothing is overlooked. The ability to explain things to people without boring them is also important – IT isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so it’s up to me to keep things interesting enough that they take in the essential information!

·         If your colleagues could sum you up in one word, which word would they use?


·         What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A racing driver! Hard-drives aren’t too far off…

·         The phone rings and it's your dream enquiry – who would the client be?

The Mercedes F1 Team – they urgently need me to fly out to Abu Dhabi to resolve a problem with Lewis Hamilton’s laptop.

·         What's the biggest IT challenge facing SMEs in the current business climate?

The human factor is probably the biggest challenge. As careful as people try to be by implementing as much anti-virus and protective software as is practical, there are malicious people out there targeting the end user – and specifically the ‘human error’ element – to steal business data.

·         If you could change one thing about the IT sector, what would it be?

Less jargon and a more user-friendly experience for everyone – when it comes to both software and hardware.

·         What are your hopes for Q2Q over the next 12 months?

To ensure our customers remain happy and for us to continue to grow and bond as a team.


·         If you could pick any 3 words to describe Q2Q, what would they be?

Dynamic, fun and responsive.

5 minutes with Phil Irwin