North West IT specialist scoops double accreditation

Junior Support Analyst

Fav thing about the office

That everyone is kind and welcoming as I am new to this job but already feel settled in.

As a child I wanted to be a ... when I grew up

Always wanted to be a professional Footballer.

Guilty Pleasure(s)

WWE/Doctor Who

Favourite Holiday

Cancun, Mexico

Describe yourself in three words or less

Funny, Athletic and Reliable.

An interesting fact about me

Was a black Tab in Taekwondo at 11 years old.


Playing football every Saturday for Highgrove FC.

Favourite Band

Take That

Karaoke Jam

YMCA – Village People

If I had a superpower it would be...

Time Travel

What I do at Q2Q:

As Q2Q’s current apprentice, I help to resolve a range of IT issues for our clients. As I’m still in training, I’m not quite ready to resolve issues independently, but I am enjoying the learning process of becoming a fully-fledged support analyst. It’s great to see how the varied services we offer can have such a big impact within our customers’ businesses. I’m very excited about what will come next within my role.

Background and Achievements

I have just recently finished my A-levels where I attended Central Lancaster High School for seven years as I achieved 11 GCSEs in my time there and still waiting for my A-level results. This is my first full time job and I am enjoying the whole experience so far.

Hobbies and Interests

My personal interests are keeping active, for example, I play for a local Football Team Called Highgrove FC. This consists of me playing matches every weekend on a Saturday. I like being active and keeping healthy so I currently have a membership at the Lancaster House gym, which I attend when I have free time.

North West IT support specialist Q2Q has secured two prestigious industry accreditations, recognising the level of expertise within the growing team.

Following a year of 15% controlled expansion, the business has successfully passed the rigorous ISO27001 audit. Signifying a robust approach to data risk management and information security best practice, this certification will allow for the systematic implementation of data protection processes, as Q2Q – and its customer base – continues to evolve.

This is not the only independent recognition to now benefit the company and clients alike.

Q2Q’s founder and managing director Andrew Stellakis has also passed his EU Certified GDPR Practitioner exam. This means that – short of training as a lawyer – he has become as qualified in the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations as is possible.

Armed with a detailed understanding of the tools required to implement a GDPR compliance framework, he is now well placed to support clients with what is starting to feel like a legislative minefield.

He explains: “Whilst we won’t see the introduction of the new data protection regulations until May 2018, there is so much preparation required that organisations are being urged to act now.

“I agree this is the best approach as, like many areas of business, preparation is key. However, with so many seemingly grey areas surrounding the legislation – not to mention a wealth of information to actually take in – it is already causing many firms, particularly SMEs, a huge headache.

“I’ve undertaken this detailed professional qualification so that I am independently certified to guide Lancaster businesses through the process, whilst using straight-talking language they can relate to.”

As a Certified GDPR Practitioner, Andrew can also fulfil the role of Data Protection Officer – another key component of legislative compliance.

“As Q2Q continues to grow, we naturally further our investment in both our headcount and our technologies,” Andrew elaborates. “But with the business and legislative landscape changing faster than ever before, we need to keep advancing our processes and skill sets too.

“These certifications don’t come cheap – they represent a significant resource and financial commitment. That said, they’re a powerful indication of the expertise within our team, and our dedication to doing things properly.”


Q2Q provides an array of managed IT support services to clients throughout Lancaster and the wider North West of England. Clients include the Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce, fashion brand Lyle & Scott and technology brand CME Medical.

North West IT specialist scoops double accreditation