Helping small businesses find their feet with the GDPR

Senior Support Analyst

Fav thing about the office

The relaxed, casual, welcoming yet professional environment.

As a child I wanted to be a ... when I grew up

As a child I wanted to be many things, Doctor, Fireman, Police Man etc. I fell into IT when I was unemployed knowing nothing about it, but found I enjoyed it. IT has since been a 24 year, paid, hobby.

Guilty Pleasure(s)

Shutting the door and turning the music up loud when no-one is at home.

Favourite Holiday

The holiday I have not yet had. My upcoming 25th Wedding Anniversary Party in Ibiza.

Describe yourself in three words or less

Unique, Colourful, Professional.

An interesting fact about me

I am a fully qualified Level 2 Football coach and have coached local teams from the ages of 7 - 18.


Polish Vodka, Mediterranean foods, Sci-Fi series and movies

Favourite Band

I do not have a favourite band but my preferred music type is Hardcore Dance.

Karaoke Jam

If I did Karaoke it would be torture. I would not want to torture anyone, well almost anyone.

If I had a superpower it would be...

A Genie’s abilities (but not constraints), as this would grant me what I would require in any given situation.

What I do at Q2Q:

The best way to describe what I do is: I provide day-to-day support tasks ranging from the basic to the more complex installations of infrastructure systems.

For example, I could be installing Flash player for one customer, before moving on to implement a new server system (splitting one overloaded server into several separate fully functional virtual servers), with server replication and backup. I also liaise with 3rd party companies in the resolution of issues relating to their products, whether printers or bespoke software applications.

Background and Achievements

I have worked in Retail, made Vertical and Venetian blinds, been an Admin Assistant, before finding I had an understanding of I.T. and enjoying the work that came with that understanding. My I.T. career has led me to work in many different I.T. environments, ranging from schools, to small I.T. support firms, to British Aerospace with CPC, and ultimately Q2Q. Each have had their merits, but I feel that Q2Q is the right company for me, and their aspirations equal my own.

Hobbies and Interests

Online PC games, Star Wars The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, War Thunder Land and Air Battles, World of Tanks and World of Warships. Watching movies, mainly Sci-Fi and Japanese Anime. Taking Rio (my dog) for a walk. Listening to music, and enjoying the odd glass of Vodka.

You might have already seen that we’re appearing at some exciting events in November to talk all things GDPR – we haven’t exactly kept it quiet! But with something so important as data protection legislation, nothing good will come out of pretending it’s not happening, which is why we’re helping spread the word.

First up on Q2Q’s GDPR agenda for November is the Smarter Business Tech LIVE event on Wednesday 15th, where Andrew will be delivering a talk for the Chartered Institute of Marketing on how the new legislation will affect the profession’s activities. Then on Thursday 23rd, he’ll be speaking at the MHA Moore & Smalley NW Finance Director Network 2017 Autumn Budget Special, this time about the implications the regulations will have on senior finance personnel and business owners.

Both events are free to attend and just require pre-registration via the relevant websites – we’ve popped them at the bottom of the page for your convenience.

But if you’re not able to attend either, don’t panic!

Before either the marketing or finance talks take place, Andrew will be hosting a free webinar entitled ‘Demystify GDPR’, starting at 9am on Thursday 2nd and running for 45 minutes.

Comprising of essential tips and guidance on the new legislation – along with a Q&A to clarify any uncertainties you may have about compliance – the webinar is aimed mainly at small businesses and those that use marketing databases or mailing lists.

Again, there’s no cost to sign up but places are limited. So, if you have some time spare to get clued-up on some pretty important data protection legislation from the comfort of your own office, book your place now!


You can find further information about the CIM talk at Smarter Business Tech LIVE and register to attend here , or learn more about the NW Finance Director Network event and reserve your place here.

Helping small businesses find their feet with the GDPR