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One of the biggest IT bugbears, along with phishing emails and cyber-threats, is something which sounds like a much simpler, but equally complex, problem – and that’s slow computers.

When the dreaded blank screen or loading icon appears, it’s no wonder that employees get frustrated. But – staff productivity aside – if left untreated, sluggish systems can also have a detrimental impact on your SME’s daily operations.

Without a doubt, the question at the front of everyone’s mind is: “Why is it so slow?”

Now, there are many possible solutions for your PC or laptop’s lack of cooperation – some more complex than others. So, at Q2Q, we’ve been thinking about the easy solutions and maintenance tasks that, when carried out correctly, can go a long way to enhancing performance – or at least prevent systems from slumping.

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The cloud has been a rather popular topic of conversation in the corporate world recently – with 88% of UK businesses reported to have adopted a cloud-based approach to their systems. Therefore, it’s no wonder the industry is continuing to see a spike in the amount of organisations weighing up the pros and cons of this virtual technology – but do the benefits really outnumber the drawbacks?

For SME’s looking for an answer to this burning question, you might like to read on…

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Now, the topic of cyber-security – and the importance of it – is nothing new to the business scene. But despite SMEs knowing that effective defence mechanisms are crucial to help protect against cyber-attacks and hacking attempts, many still don’t have the optimum level of protection for their business.

And, with two thirds of SMEs – or 67% – being more concerned about cyber-threats now than they were 12 months ago, it goes without saying that it’s worth investing the time and effort into safeguarding your systems from a dreaded hacking or data breach situation.

While anti-virus software plays a key role in preventing pesky attacks from happening, unfortunately this alone will not conserve your SME’s cyber-safety – there’s a lot more to it than that…

So, if you do one thing this month, ensure your cyber-security is as strong as it can possibly be. We’ve put a few steps together to help you along the way!

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At the start of a new year, there are resolutions flying around left, right and centre – all focusing on how to self-improve and make life better. Rarely are these pledges stuck to, with many people falling off the wagon just weeks in, but we’re here to help!

Now, we can’t help companies with their personal resolutions, but we can help with any business-related goals – particularly if they involve IT.

Our newly-launched blog series – ‘If you do one thing this month…’ – is aimed at helping SME owners cut through the seemingly endless list of to-dos, and hone in on one key area that will help with the smoother running of your day-to-day workings. Sounds good, right?

So, to kickstart 2019, we’re talking about mastering the IT basics – because if your foundations aren’t right, your IT infrastructure is sure to crumble at the smallest knock…

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018 08:00

Reach your IT peak: Essentials for scale-ups

Making the leap from start-up to scale-up can be demanding, but ensuring your IT support grows with you needn’t be a tough mountain to climb.

While the coffee machine probably isn’t the only thing starting to feel over-worked, all being well you’re really seeing the benefits of the hours of hard graft you put in during your business’s early stages.

Now the solid foundations are in place, it’s time for a little bit more structure to help you to reach your IT peak.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016 14:59

Can we help your business save time?

I have been thinking about a recent discussion with a potential new customer about the time it takes for their team to gather data to prep for meetings. 

We recently started exhibiting our software Q2Q Sofia around the country, partly to get our name and brand out there but of course partly to drum up some new business- we are really keen on showing off the new design. 

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If you aren't aware of our company Q2Q or our software Q2Q Sofia yet, here is a brief introduction. We are a dedicated IT Support, Strategy and Software company with a range of offerings to suit all organisations and needs. Our software, Q2Q Sofia, is a platform for analysing real-time management data from within your business. From stock levels to employee performance, whatever is important to your organisation!

Shamelessly, here are what we believe are the Top Three business benefits of introducing Q2Q Sofia to your team. 

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‘Data management system’…sounds boring doesn't it? 

And I can hear you asking the question, why do we need another software or do we need a software at all? Don’t worry I am here to answer those questions for you, with our five reasons to invest in a data management system. 

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After a few weeks of going back and forth, numerous emails and meetings with our brand consultancy Tom Grattan, and only a few bacon rolls and coffee.. We are excited to announce the relaunch of our data management software.

Introducing Q2Q Sofia, the Ultimate Data Hub. A unique software designed for you make the most of the valuable data available in your business.

No idea what we are talking about? Let us explain.

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