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With one in three companies having suffered a data breach due to mobile devices, when it comes to ensuring the security of your IT systems, it’s important for SMEs to have the right policies in place!

So, whether your company provides phones, tablets, USB memory sticks and laptops, or you employ more of a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) approach, some clear guidelines are vital. This not only ensures staff members are clear on what data and services they can access on their personally-owned equipment, but it also helps to keep security tight and data breaches at bay.

So, what exactly should be included in a mobile device policy? Our tech-sperts share some advice below…

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It’s no secret that emails have become a bit of a culture – or necessary evil – for the modern-day business. And with data revealing that there are around 124 billion business emails sent and received each day, it’s vital your IT infrastructure is supporting this wave of digital correspondence.

From IT solutions which enhance email operations, to general employee best practice on how to deal with that never-ending inbox, there are many ways to improve the way your SME manages its e-communications.

Here we cover both the technical and organisational side of things, to help keep your company’s email strategy as streamlined and stress-free as possible…

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Thursday, 01 August 2019 09:00

Case Study - Approach PR

Multi-award-winning PR and social media agency, Approach PR, approached Q2Q for IT support in Spring of 2019. The firm needed help with preparing its IT infrastructure ahead of significant company growth.

Based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, the PR and social media agency made the decision to switch technical support service providers, in order to future-proof the business. In addition, the communications experts needed to minimise the potential for staff downtime in the event of any IT issues.

Understanding the detrimental impact that faulty tech can have on an organisation’s efficiency, the seven-strong team was looking for a combination of secure, reliable and easy-to-use document storage, in tandem with a support provider which would equip staff with the confidence to use tech to its full potential – as well as deliver quick response times to any problems.

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 At Q2Q IT, we love to meet like-minded professionals at various gatherings across Lancaster. Recently, I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic networking event for business leaders, which focused on culture in the workplace.

This particular breakfast meeting featured engaging presentations from James Batchelor, chief executive and founder of Alertacall Ltd, and Claire Smith, head of business development at Moneypenny.

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Is the phrase: “we simply don’t have enough time or resources to make the changes needed,” something you’re hearing all-too often? 

I do quite a lot of coaching with the team at Q2Q – and with a handful of external clients – and one of the key areas I tend to look at first is how each party talk about themselves, in order to tap into their inner narrative.

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Did you know that the average person spends approximately one day every week on their smartphone? That’s the equivalent of 52 days per year – totalling a massive 1,248 hours.

There’s no getting away from the digital revolution, it’s taking place around us all the time and it’s now the norm as to how we go about our daily lives – especially at work.

From emails and documents, to databases and conference calls, technology is at the heart of nearly all corporate communications. And when you need to access content on the move, your phone is usually the go-to device.

But are you syncing your phone and computer correctly?

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For SMEs, IT support can be tricky territory to navigate.

At Q2Q, we recognise that not all companies are the same. From the industry they operate in and their staff culture, through to the cyber-support they require, all organisations are completely bespoke.

So, what exactly does quality IT support look like? We’ve put together a few pointers to help SME owners know what traits to look out for…

Recognition of your uniqueness

First and foremost, the main factor which separates a good IT support provider from a great one, is their ability to see what makes you special.

Providers that are mindful of every firm’s distinct characteristics means they won’t categorise or generalise – instead they will give you the attention you deserve.

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As you know, every month we like to give SME owners some top tips on an important area of IT – and this instalment is all about communication.

The truth is, a good IT provider will give you the package you ask for, but a great one will look beyond your immediate cyber-needs and assess your business model – and your objectives – to provide you with a service that goes beyond the one you thought you required.

That’s why it’s crucial that if you outsource your IT support – or you’re looking to do so – you keep up to date with what’s going on in the organisation. That’s how they can help you get the most out of your systems!

So, what are the kinds of things you should be telling your techies about, and why do these areas matter?

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Due to the very nature of SMEs, the outsourcing of HR, legal, finance or IT functions can often be far more viable than employing a permanent member of staff. Choosing the right partner can be something of a minefield, so ensure you ‘couple up’ with a service provider committed to providing the best service – and value for money.


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Friday, 21 June 2019 09:00

Q2Q vs. Total Warrior

We’re not afraid of a challenge here at Q2Q towers. So, to try and raise some much-needed cash for our friends at St John’s Hospice, we’re taking on the Leeds Total Warrior 12k.

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