Phil Irwin


What I do at Q2Q:

I work with our customers to resolve problems on all manner of IT issues – making sure they can get back to ‘business as usual’ as quickly as possible. I’m pretty handy with anything involving hardware and tend to be the go-to guy if something is proving particularly difficult to repair or service.

While providing reactive assistance – on the phone and via remote support – is a big part of my role, I also regularly visit clients’ sites, to ensure their IT is ship-shape or if problems need a physical presence to resolve.

Additionally, I attend networking events and am on the Q2Q onboarding team, ensuring new clients are welcomed to Q2Q in a caring and friendly manner.
I’m also Q2Q’s in-house photographer, keeping our Instagram up to date, as well as our customer excellence champion, working on team best practice, to ensure we are always giving a great service to our users.

Background and Achievements

I started working in IT straight out of sixth form and now have nigh on 25 years of experience, having worked on Wi-Fi technology during its emergence in the early noughties, as a Certified warranty repair engineer for both Acer and Toshiba, and in Service/Problem management for governmental agencies.
My main skills lie with people, being able to translate serious technical issues to non-techy’s, and understanding and prioritising our clients’ needs.

Hobbies and Interests

I’m a big follower of Formula One.
I have been Kayaking and Canoeing now for a lot of years and achieved both Level One and now Level Two British Canoeing coaching qualifications.
I’m very much a foodie, and when eating out, see it as a personal challenge to re-create at home whatever I experience in a restaurant. A lazy Sunday making a roast dinner for family with a nice glass of red is my idea of heaven!

It feels like family, everyone has everyone else’s back, and the banter is incredible.

A Formula One driver (or a forensic scientist!).

McDonalds Brekky.

Honeymoon in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Either flying or time travel.

I was a DJ when I was younger (still on the decks in the Q2Q office :D).

Documentaries, Motorsport, Cooking, Red Wine.

Becky Hill, Wilkinson, early nineties dance.

Anything by The Beatles.

Formula One, or Harry Potter.

To compile a family recipe book that can be handed down to my kids.

My iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Airpod pro’s – the way they all interact with each other to make life so much easier never ceases to amaze me.

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